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18 Tips on How to Save Money as an Artist

18 Tips on How to Save Money as an Artist

Being a freelance artist is a dream for many, but let's face it, the path to artistic glory isn't always paved with gold. In fact, income can fluctuate wildly like a fickle muse, so it's crucial to develop your inner penny-pincher alongside your artistic talents. Fear not, fellow creatives! 

Here Are Some Ways To Help You Save Money As An Artist

18 genius hacks to stretch your artistic budget further than a Van Gogh sunflower field:

Channel Your Minimalist Muse

Ditch those fancy phone features you never use. Think of it as a digital detox (and a financial windfall!). The same goes for your wardrobe – curate versatile pieces that mix and match like a masterpiece.

paint and brush on an artists palette

Cash is King (or Queen)

Ditch the plastic for everyday purchases unless you're a credit card ninja. Cash makes you painfully aware of every cent spent, which can be a real creativity booster when it comes to saving.

Turn Trash into Treasure

Dust off those unworn clothes and forgotten books. Sell them online or at a local flea market. One person's cast-offs are another's artistic inspiration, and your extra cash can fuel your next masterpiece.

The Art of Efficiency

Plan your errands like a Jackson Pollock painting – a splatter of chaos with a hidden order. Combine trips by thinking ahead and optimising routes. You can become a master of multitasking. Every saved minute is money in the bank.

Mix and Match, Don't Max Out

Invest in clothing that can be easily transformed into multiple outfits. Think complementary colours and classic styles – a wardrobe worthy of a Picasso collage.

artist in white shirt covered in paint

Become a Coupon Connoisseur

Hunt for deals with the same fervour you hunt for inspiration. Magazines, online resources, and even discount booklets or flyers from shows can become your secret weapon against high prices.

Kick the Coffee Habit (or at Least Make it Cheaper)

Ditch the overpriced café lattes. Brew your cuppa at home or bring a thermos – it's better for your wallet and (potentially) your creativity.

Host a Potluck Picasso or Pollack Party

Skip the expensive nights out and gather your friends for a potluck. Everyone brings a dish, you unleash the inner game master, and laughter (and savings) ensue.

pile of magazines open on colourful pages

Audit Those Subscriptions and Unsubscribe from the Unseen

Would you really read every glossy sheet or webpage, or do they just gather virtual dust? Cancel unused subscriptions and free up cash for that dream art supply splurge.

Stream It or Skip It: Become a Free-Flick Fanatic

Ditch the expensive subscriptions! Embrace the world of free streaming. There's a treasure trove of movies waiting to be discovered on platforms like YouTube (with curated selections), Tubi: https://tubitv.com/home, or even library streaming services. Bonus points for exploring independent or classic films you might not have found otherwise. With a little research, you can become a cinephile on a shoestring budget.

The Library Is Your Creative Playground

Libraries aren't just for books anymore. Borrow movies, music, and even audiobooks to fuel your artistic fire – all for the low, low price of free.

woman in library with books flying around

List It Like Da Vinci

Impulse buying is the enemy of your artistic empire. Always have a list before you hit the store, especially for art supplies. It'll keep you focused and prevent you from going overboard (because who needs ten tubes of the same shade of Prussian blue?).

Conquer Your Debt, the Creative Killer

Debt is a creativity drain. If you have any, focus on consolidating them to a lower interest rate and pay them off as quickly as possible. Remember, every dollar wasted on interest is a dollar stolen from your artistic dreams.

Become a Bill-Paying Pro

Set up automatic payments for your bills to avoid late fees and credit score damage. Some credit cards even offer sweet perks like waived interest if you pay your balance in full each month.

Channel Your Inner Artist's Energy Star

Unplug unused electronics! Apparently, it saves a shocking amount of energy (and money) compared to leaving them on standby. Turn off lights in empty rooms, and consider a programmable thermostat to manage your heating and cooling. A small steps with big results.

The Ultimate Budget Boost

We all know this one, but quitting smoking or vaping is a financial game-changer. The money saved goes way beyond cigarettes or vape juice – think health insurance and healthcare savings too.

art supplies

Bulk Up Your Savings (and Your Art Supplies)

 Buy art supplies in bulk, especially if they have a long shelf life. Canvases, brushes, and paints can often be stored for years. Plus, bulk purchases often come with discounts, freeing up more cash to experiment with new techniques.

Last but not least Theres Always More Ways To Save In General

I admit I don't know it all! So if you’re wanting to save even a few dollars, check out the Forbes website for some other great ideas 31 Ways To Save Money by Forbes

Posted: Monday 16 August 2010


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