Home Wine-making, my type of Art!

Home Wine-making, my type of Art!

12 months ago I decided I needed a hobby; my art had grown into my career and although its still fun to do it simply wasn’t classified as a hobby type activity anymore!

Back in my childhood days I recall being fascinated with the funny shaped bottles that my Dad had bubbling away in the garage and of course years later being the consummate wine drinker, it only seemed natural that I would be interested in this creative medium.


At first it seemed quite scary and difficult, but the more I did the easier it got and I now make a variety of wines from different fruits, experimenting with blending and trying types of wine that I would never have considered before I took up the hobby. The best thing of all is at the end of it you have a really drinkable product and although it wasn’t the aim, it’s been a huge saving in financial terms also!

Another wonderful aspect of producing your own wines is that the preservatives are much lower than commercial wines so therefore better for you and for people like me who suffer from chemical poisoning, the less chemicals I add to my body the better. I’ve made wine from all sorts of things, there are the citrus fruit ones that make a very  drinkable Riesling type wine, along with a couple of vegetable based wines that I’m still undecided on,  and then the delectable range of berry wines especially a blackcurrant one which is our current favourite. I cant forget the range of ports that I have created, they are carefully aging in my cellar and include a rich Raspberry and Chocolate blend that everyone and I mean everyone, seems to like!

Now I expect you will be wondering why on earth I’m talking about wine making when this blog is about art, well part of my marketing strategy involves merchandise from my art to help create a following and get my name out there a bit more. I cannot sell my wine as its illegal to do so here in New Zealand, but I can give it away as gifts, and here’s the key, the labels on the bottles always have my artwork on them along with my name and contact details, so when someone breaks out a bottle of my wine with friends, they always end up looking at the label……some I have heard even steam the labels off and collect them.


You can see my wine labels gallery here wine labels the Potato 2009 label won an honourable mention in an American label contest this year!

I would like to share with you a great site on the art of wine making, here is their philosophy –

Philosophy on making wine at home

  • Ensure all your kit and equipment has been washed at least that day.
  • Bang up a gallon of wine whenever you get a free half hour or so. Use whatever recipe, method and ingredient supply you have to hand. The more wine you have, the better, and the more popular you will become.
  • Leave it to mature until you want to drink it. Ideally this should be longer than it takes to ferment.

This forms a rough comparison with the above rules, but other important points are:-

  • If you can't afford it, sod it.
  • If you need it, but can't afford it, improvise. Who needs a wine press if a bucket and a clean foot will do?
  • If it doesn't move, ferment it.

 For more information on winemaking, check out their site here http://www.thewinepages.org.uk/phily.htm

The painting in the main image is titled "Cocktail Party" by Collette Fergus

Posted: Tuesday 9 March 2010


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