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Behind the Mask we need to Smile more I think!

Behind the Mask we need to Smile more I think!

An artwork about missing seeing smiles because of wearing masks due to covid. Its been a tough time for many and a little bit of positivity and cheer doesn't go amiss right. I've shared a painting a day from this nine piece artwork with the idea of creating a photo montage of smiles to fill my instagram profile and spread some positivity with poems and quotes about such things. 

Individual smile canvas by Collette

How do you feel about mask wearing? I've been lucky enough (or unlucky if you take into account why, the breaking of my leg!) to not have to wear a mask for more than short periods of time and talking to others who have to wear them all day i cannot imagine how difficult it would be. My optomitrist has to tape hers down as her breath fogs up her glasses and the equipment and although the tape she has is for sensitive skin it still makes her skin raw and painful. Others have reported an issue with 'maskne' a problem with skin irritations or shall we say acne caused by mask wearing, the bacteria from breathing in it all day and moisture buildup is not a great enviroment for healthy skin.

On top of this we dont see expressions unless it shows in your eyes, I like to think my smile reaches my eyes but cant guarantee anything espcially if its only a brief encounter and youre practicing social distancing proerly. This is what I miss the most, seeing beautiful smiles on the faces of people around me. I have learnt to be louder with my greetings and wave a lot more but gosh I cannot wait until the day we can see faces fully again. And for me, wear my favourite red lipstick.

Sending out a smile to each and everyone of you. 

collette Miss Retro Motorama 2014 Smiling

Posted: Tuesday 30 November 2021


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