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Sold Artworks | Collette NZ Artist

Welcome to the sold art gallery 

Here, you'll find a vast collection of Collette's artworks that have been sold or moved on to their forever homes. With over 40 years of experience, there are many more pieces to choose from. Still, this selection should give you a good idea of the incredible work done over the years. If you're interested in commissioning your own bespoke artwork or purchasing a piece from the available selection, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Pocket Full of Glitter: Abstract NZ Art
    "Pocket Full of Glitter," a captivating mixed media abstract artwork that advocates self-acceptance and openness about sexuality. Ask us about other abstract paintings for sale
  • The Key: New Zealand Abstract Art
    The mesmerising beauty of mixed media New Zealand art by NZ artist Collette Fergus, inspired by the importance of environmental preservation
  • Without Light Nothing Flowers: Abstract Floral Art
    Mesmerising Abstract Art "Without Light, Nothing Flowers." Why not commission your own unique contemporary artwork by NZ Artist Collette
  • Nonchalance: NZ Pet Portrait
    Commission a captivating pet portrait that immortalises your furry companion's unique spirit. By New Zealand Contemporary Artist Collette
  • Fashion Show - NZ Abstract Art
    Abstract painting about the deep dark and exciting world of fashion shows by Collette Fergus, a talented New Zealand contemporary artist
  • Philosophy of Literature: Abstract NZ Art
    Philosophy of Literature in Paint, an abstract art masterpiece, is a captivating mixed-media experience. Commission a similar piece by contacting the artist today.
  • Multicultural Land: New Zealand Art
    An awe-inspiring abstract art painting by Collette. With its diverse textures and nature-inspired elements, that celebrates the unique cultures of Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Odd Things: Surrealism New Zealand Art
    Step into the unconventional world of Not a Still Life series with Odd Things - a painting that celebrates life's unique and quirky oddities
  • Those Red Jandals: New Zealand Flip Flops Art
    Experience the magic of beach days through New Zealand Flip Flops Art by Collette Fergus. Contact us for more information
  • Art-chitecture: Abstract Art
    A painting that dominates a space, "Art-chitecture." It's a mesmerising mixed-media abstract painting from NZ inspired by modern architecture. Contact Collette Fergus to own your own unique artwork
  • Blue Flip-flops: NZ Art
    Revisit beach memories with Collette Fergus's captivating New Zealand Flip Flop artwork.
  • Not a Still life with Red Apples: New Zealand Art
    Unleash the captivating power of surrealism with a masterpiece that defies conventions. Own a unique artwork that challenges perception and sparks intrigue with a commission
  • Aotearoa Monarch: New Zealand Art
    This piece boasts the Maori Kowhai Ngutukākā pattern, signifying new beginnings, growth, resilience, and tranquillity. Commission unique New Zealand Art now
  • Tropical Fruit Salad: New Zealand Art
    This painting is a heartfelt tribute to family connections that transcend time and distance. Featured in the prestigious New Zealand Artists Calendar 2021
  • I can wait!: Cat Pet Portrait
    The mesmerising gaze of a black cat and the allure of birds in this sold artwork. Commission your unique pet portrait now. Limited slots are available
  • Black Cat Night I: Pet Portrait
    Explore the mystique of black cat art by Collette Renee Fergus, a New Zealand contemporary artist
  • Waitomo Caves: New Zealand Art
    The enchantment of Waitomo's Aranui cave in a mixed-mediaNew Zealand Art painting. Commission a similar piece and embrace the captivating beauty of New Zealand's natural wonders
  • The Bachelors Couch: New Zealand Wall Art
    Mixed media triptych using warm browns and reds. Lots of texture make this three piece really tactile. Quality olden range mediums used. 780mm (including spaces) x 360mm x 35mm deep
  • Magrittes 'This is not an Apple' by Collette
    Experience a playful homage to Belgian surrealist René Magritte with 'This is not an apple painting' - a creative take on Magritte's lithograph that challenges perception and reality. This artwork, measuring 330mm x 420mm, was created for The Fakes & Forgeries exhibition in Mangaweka. Framed in a recycled antique frame, this piece sparks interesting conversations
  • Not a Still Life with Pears: New Zealand Art
    A sudden fascination with still life work has been the inspiration behind this piece. The first in a short series, Collette's still-life paintings are not still! The stereotypical still life of a bowl of fruit is portrayed here with a monarch butterfly playing a role impossible in reality also! Measuring 750mm x 550mm x 35mm deep.
  • Crazy Cat Lady: New Zealand Art
    New Zealand contemporary artist Collettes character Chardonnay Minx with her cats. Talk to us now about original New Zealand art for sale
  • Purple Flip-Flops: New Zealand Art
    Re-live moments of beach days slipping out of your flip-flops to wiggle your toes in the sand, when you look at this New Zealand art
  • Ethereal Dress: NZ Dress Art
    Ethereal Dress is a vintage lace dress from the Ghost Dress series of abstract dress art.
  • Liar Liar: Sugar Skull Art
    A vivid and captivating Sugar Skull artwork that demands attention by Collette a New Zealand contemporary artist.

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