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Sold Artworks | Collette NZ Artist

Welcome to the sold art gallery 

Here, you'll find a vast collection of Collette's artworks that have been sold or moved on to their forever homes. With over 40 years of experience, there are many more pieces to choose from. Still, this selection should give you a good idea of the incredible work done over the years. If you're interested in commissioning your own bespoke artwork or purchasing a piece from the available selection, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Red Crayon: Dark Art
    Dark art by Collette in a vintage doll painting, where the vibrant red crayon and the poignant broken heart drawing take centre stage
  • Aquatic NZ - New Zealand Wall Art
    Expertly rendered with acrylic on canvas, this artwork seamlessly captures the essence of New Zealand's marine life.
  • Castlepoint New Zealand: NZ Wall Art
    Capturing the beauty of Castlepoint Beach through a commissioned artwork. Talk to Collette, an NZ artist today
  • Citrine Jandals: NZ Art
    Relive the essence of beach days with stunning nz artwork by Collette Fergus. Genuine New Zealand Flip Flops art. Contact us now
  • Mini Mouse: New Zealand Art
    "Mini Mouse" is a delightful nz art canvas featuring an adorable fluffy girl mouse donning a delightful ensemble of pinks and purples.
  • In Orange: New Zealand Flip Flops Art
    In Orange is a unique New Zealand Flip Flops art piece by Collette Fergus, an NZ artist. Contact us now
  • A Lilys Evolution: Abstract Painting
    Trust in the expertise and talent of a contemporary artist who has captivated audiences with her exceptional artistry.
  • In Red with white stripe: NZ Flip Flop art
    Let's unleash the spirit of Kiwiana and beach bliss with NZ Artist Collette's stunning New Zealand flip flops artwork.
  • Lambchop loses Face!: NZ Art
    Cute little preloved lamb toy with a broken eye and unravelled mouth. Textured mixed media artwork. measuring 300mm x 220mm x 40mm deep
  • From the Lake to the Southern Alps: New Zealand Wall Art
    An early of New Zealand wall art oil painting from when Collette first started painting in the early 1980s. The lakes and mountains of New Zealand are a stunning subject to paint
  • The Green Ones: New Zealand Flip Flops Art
    Transport yourself to sandy shores with Collette Fergus's New Zealand Flip Flops mixed media artwork.
  • A Study of Apples Part I: Surrealism Art
    A small piece featuring the latest in my apple studies using surreal forms. This delicate piece is offset by a fabulous ornate frame in rustic gold. The artwork meausres 350mm x 170mm The frame measures 470mm x 290mm
  • Chardonnay at the Black Barn Vineyard: NZ Art
    Black Barn Vineyards is a boutique winery in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand; the photo taken by my father Tony Evans, that inspired this piece.
  • Mini Grey Ted: NZ Art
    Cute little canvas with a gorgeous little sad grey teddy bear that caught my eye. Mixed media
  • Take Nothing for Granted: New Zealand Art
    This piece speaks of my journey through breast cancer, the ticking clocks and the fleeting idea of what life means to someone going through this.
  • Cocktail Party: Abstract Art
    Cocktail Party is an artwork based on the brightly coloured bottles and bright lights in a cocktail bar of the mid eighties, my teenage years! A mixed media piece painted mainly in acrylics and highlighted with metallic silver
  • Frosty Morning: New Zealand Art
    A typical morning on a Taranaki, New Zealand farm in mid winter.
  • I've got Nothing to Wear: NZ Art
    A glimpse inside a wardrobe at the beautiful fabrics, patterns and colours. Although easier to see on photographic image, this piece has a shadow of a naked female figure painted into the artwork that isn't instantly obvious, giving it a unique look and something quirky
  • All in a Days Work: NZ Political Art
    Discover mesmerising artworks by Collette, inspired by politics and infused with captivating narratives. Commission a unique masterpiece that resonates with your vision.
  • Cows In Drag: nZ Art
    One of my favourite pieces. This painting is about how I see the world. Why should things be normal and straight up?!!! George Bernard Shaw said it all - the quote reads - "Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never wer
  • Fractional Lust: New Zealand Art
    An abstract interpretation of the female form.
  • Lake Wanaka: New Zealand Ar
    This is the first ever oil painting I ever did, at age 16. Beatiful Lake Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand. Part of my own collection
  • Mini Pink Flamingo: New Zealand Art
    Cute little canvas with a pink flamingo toy that had rope like legs. Mixed media 150mm x 150mm
  • New York Cats: Pet Portrait
    These are the captivating trio of cats paintings from the renowned 6x6 exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Centre, New York 2011 by NZ artist Collette.

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