Reworking artwork, who does it and why?

Reworking artwork, who does it and why?

Reworking artwork

 You hear of songs being reworked all the time, there’s always a new version or ‘dance mix’ coming out but no one really talks much about paintings being reworked. So how many of you do this? I personally do sometimes and I know of several others who do also but we don’t really talk about it.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Does it mean that the work wasn’t finished properly the first time round or that artist change their mind, I'd be interested to hear what others think on this as I can only really go on my own experience for this. For me it’s more about evolving, I change my mind or I see something in a different light, or sometimes it’s even about mood or temperament and I’ll want to change the colour to more or less moody if it happens to not sell and come back to me for a while.

The reason why I’m writing about this today is that I have decided to change a painting that has had some negative feedback, it’s a well received painting and most seem to like it, its more that it has a preconceived idealism that the cat in it is deceased as its wearing angel wings and that’s simply not the case at all. This particular cat happens to belong to a person involved in the operatic world who loves dressing up and of course her pampered cat gets to play with costumes too so when she showed me the photo of him with his angel wings on I simply had to paint it as is! Due to the negative vibe this ‘dead cat’ portrait needed some reworking. I simply added some sparkly shperes on a headband and renamed the painting so its more about him playing dress-ups than being an angel.

You can see the original version in photo One and the addition of the head adornment in photo two, a simple fix but it made a huge difference to the feel of what was happening.

    Cat with wings and headband

Now this is nothing new, with the ability to xray artworks you hear more and more of even famous paintings that have been changed, the Mona Lisa for instance has two previous versions under her beguilding smile!

Click on the image to visit youtube and see a video on the many layers of the Mona Lisa

X-rays of mona lisa painting

Posted: Friday 15 October 2010


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