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   Upcycle, Revamp, Recreate, lets just get creating!!

        reCOLLettetions is a blog about making things, recycling, up-cycling, recreating, whatever you want to call it. I am inspired by vintage, the 1950's in particular, the femininity and classic style of this era is reflected in a lot of my creations.

 I try to avoid buying mass produced anything,opting instead for up-cycled, re-used, repaired, recycled, second hand items. I don't like waste, one woman's trash can be another woman's treasure. Come along for the ride and explore some creative solutions to give things a new lease on life, instructions included! 



  • Experimenting with your look
    I’ve always been one to experiment with how I look and not because I’m unhappy with any aspect of myself but because it’s fun to try out new things and on image for more
    Posted: Friday 6 April 2012
  • So I have a thing about Eyebrows okay!
    Now listen up good because even your best friend won’t tell you stuff like this. Mainly because they don’t want to hurt your feelings but also because the mere fact you might have ugly eyebrows on image for more
    Posted: Friday 6 April 2012
  • Four Seasons in one day!
    A little bit about NZ weather from my point of on image for more
    Posted: Friday 6 April 2012
  • Eyelashes
    A bit about those things that frame our eyes, real or false, whats best? Click the image to read more my blog
    Posted: Friday 3 February 2012
  • When I die!
    I couldnt resist creating an artwork for this verse - Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive & well preserved body.
    But rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, glass of wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO what a ride!' Amen to Boozehag
    Available as prints and cards coming soon
    Posted: Friday 11 November 2011
  • Random on Grey Art Show
    Opening again at 300A Grey St, Hamilton East 12th November - 4th December 2011. Supporting the Assistance Dog Trust. Six local artists including Collette Fergus.
    Posted: Friday 11 November 2011
  • Random Connections
    Only last week I was exhibiting with a group of artists who most of us had the most......... click on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 12 July 2011
  • Creative Industries and the Economy
    How are the creative industries doing in this current global economy? Read on......
    Posted: Friday 6 May 2011
  • Art on Barton
    This weekend saw the first street art market for Hamilton called ‘Art on Barton’
    This event was designed to get local artists together on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 29 March 2011
  • Is the cup half full or half empty
    How important are our hands to us artists?
    I’ve gone and done it again, cut one of my fingers in rather a bad way, two stitches bad so on image for more
    Posted: Monday 28 February 2011

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