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   Upcycle, Revamp, Recreate, lets just get creating!!

        reCOLLettetions is a blog about making things, recycling, up-cycling, recreating, whatever you want to call it. I am inspired by vintage, the 1950's in particular, the femininity and classic style of this era is reflected in a lot of my creations.

 I try to avoid buying mass produced anything,opting instead for up-cycled, re-used, repaired, recycled, second hand items. I don't like waste, one woman's trash can be another woman's treasure. Come along for the ride and explore some creative solutions to give things a new lease on life, instructions included! 



  • A Day in the life of one crazy artist....oh thats me!
    I got a bit stuck today with something to say and I did promise the Arts Council Id talk about what I do on some days, so today that’s it again! So what did I do today then?

    Well I have a solo show coming up so today has been on image for more
    Posted: Monday 26 April 2010
  • A little bit about Symbolism in Art
    Symbols have always played an important role in art from the very earliest of times. They often represent an idea or quality, for example blackbirds are on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 25 April 2010
  • Artists Mannequins
    We have all seen them, the wooden creatures with movable joints that contort in all directions. I actually on image for more
    Posted: Saturday 24 April 2010
  • What is Egg Tempura?
    Egg tempera is a type of paint made by adding pigments to a mixture of egg yolk and water. It is said to be one of the oldest, most on image for more
    Posted: Friday 23 April 2010
  • Winter
    Winter is our coldest season; it comes between autumn and spring. In a lot of artworks it is portrayed as white and snowy, especially in on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 22 April 2010
  • Being an enviromentally friendly artist
    Most artists care about the environment, but what can you do to help keep things green? You can start off by buying eco-friendly art materials and on image for more
    Posted: Wednesday 21 April 2010
  • What are Martial ARTS then?
    What are martial arts? In its broadest sense, the martial arts refer to self-defense techniques born in Asian countries which are made up of combinations of hand and foot combat. Mental on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 20 April 2010
  • Artists, listen to what others tell you.........
    Learning about art has been a long road for me. I never profess to be an intellectual and I unfortunately I wasn’t in the position to do an arts degree early on, so what I do know has been on image for more
    Posted: Monday 19 April 2010
  • Driving is an Art also.............
    Yes I went to the Hamilton V8s this weekend where I watched these cars reach amazing speeds. There weren’t as many ‘entertaining’ crashes as I would have liked to seen to be honest! Driving at such on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 18 April 2010
  • What does an artist LOOK like: is there a typical look and can you identify it?
    I personally think that anything goes with how you look, there is on rule or style as such, after all we are all individual in how we are, how we create and how we think so why not how we dress. So why do I want on image for more
    Posted: Saturday 17 April 2010

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