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   Upcycle, Revamp, Recreate, lets just get creating!!

        reCOLLettetions is a blog about making things, recycling, up-cycling, recreating, whatever you want to call it. I am inspired by vintage, the 1950's in particular, the femininity and classic style of this era is reflected in a lot of my creations.

 I try to avoid buying mass produced anything,opting instead for up-cycled, re-used, repaired, recycled, second hand items. I don't like waste, one woman's trash can be another woman's treasure. Come along for the ride and explore some creative solutions to give things a new lease on life, instructions included! 



  • Art Auction Previews
    Art Auction Previews

    Today was spent going around Auckland with a wonderful couple who I met through art circles in Hamilton. They have a large collection of artwork including sculptures on image for more
    Posted: Saturday 27 March 2010
  • Balloons Over Waikato
    There are not a lot of big events that happen in Hamilton, but one that does every year is the Balloons over Waikato where hot air balloon enthusiasts from all on image for more
    Posted: Friday 26 March 2010
  • The Scream by Edvard Munch
    Said to be one of Edvard Munch’s most important and famous paintings, it’s not widely known that there are actually four versions on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 25 March 2010
  • Statistics on art things and other fun facts
    What percentage of artists are left-handed?
    Although the population in general are more right handed, in comparison there on image for more
    Posted: Wednesday 24 March 2010
  • What is this foot painting thing huh?
    Once upon a time I ran an artist online chat group. It was a place for artists to come to and talk about art stuff mainly and on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 23 March 2010
  • The Brain Thing, left, right, wrong which way is up huh?
    The concept of right brain and left brain thinking developed from the research in the late 1960s of an American psycho-biologist called Roger Sperry. He discovered that the human brain has two very different ways of...clcik on image for more
    Posted: Monday 22 March 2010
  • Working with animals…why would ya!?!
    My latest thing is painting animals especially ones I know. I have cats myself and they have the quirkiest personalities, so a great deal of time goes into photographing them for studies to work from as well as trying to recreate their nature into on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 21 March 2010
  • Music is an art form too
    I don’t claim to be very musical myself although I love music and was once married to a musician, so I have spent some time around on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 21 March 2010
  • A Bit about mending broken paintings
    Recently in the news there was a write-up about a person accidentally damaging a Picasso painting, the lady who on image for more
    Posted: Friday 19 March 2010
  • Kids Art Work, did someone keep hold of yours for you?
    I have quite a few pieces of both my daughter’s artwork around the house, it brings back many happy memories of days painting or drawing together on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 18 March 2010

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