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   Upcycle, Revamp, Recreate, lets just get creating!!

        reCOLLettetions is a blog about making things, recycling, up-cycling, recreating, whatever you want to call it. I am inspired by vintage, the 1950's in particular, the femininity and classic style of this era is reflected in a lot of my creations.

 I try to avoid buying mass produced anything,opting instead for up-cycled, re-used, repaired, recycled, second hand items. I don't like waste, one woman's trash can be another woman's treasure. Come along for the ride and explore some creative solutions to give things a new lease on life, instructions included! 



  • What does Contemporary mean when talking about art?
    Contemporary means 'present day', or reasonably close. Contemporary art is art on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 4 March 2010
  • Autumn is my favourite season...weird I know but
    Autumn is the transition from warm summer months to the cold weather of winter, and its related status as the season of the primary harvest, has dominated its themes and popular on image for more
    Posted: Wednesday 3 March 2010
  • The art of Jewellery
    Jewellery, the art of creating items in gold or silver or other metals as well as many other materials for adornment and beautification is an interesting on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 2 March 2010
  • How Long should it take to finish a painting?
    This is such a personal thing and can be summed up in “How long is a piece of string” its pretty much impossible to put a time on such things. Like the Mainland ad, all good things take on image for more
    Posted: Monday 1 March 2010
  • Lets talk about the colour Blue
    Blue, one of the three primary colours would have to be one of my least favourite although a lot of people see it as a special colour and it is much admired. It has connotations on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 28 February 2010
  • What exactly is Retro?
    Retro is a term used to describe culturally outdated or aged trends, modes, or fashions, from the overall post-modern past, but have since that time become functional or in fashion once again. The use on image for more
    Posted: Saturday 27 February 2010
  • Hairdressing is an Art too
    In the world of fashion, hairdressing developed as an art during the middle Ages, when an appropriate coiffure became as important on image for more
    Posted: Friday 26 February 2010
  • Kiwi Art Awards and other useful sites
    Art Awards open to New Zealand Artists

    • Adam Portraiture Award - The Adam Foundation sponsors on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 25 February 2010
  • So you want to know about Artists in Residence programs...well
    What Is an Artist-in-Residence? Well the specifics vary from program to program, but basically an artist-in-residence usually means you're given somewhere to live, some to money to live on, and a studio to work in for a set period on image for more
    Posted: Wednesday 24 February 2010
  • Murphy's Law and Art
    This commonly expressed sentiment means "If anything can go wrong, it will." Many problems, failures, and annoyances are attributed to Murphy's Law, but most people do not on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 23 February 2010

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