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   ART Advice and all that jazz so lets get creating!

        reCOLLettetions is a blog about anything art related but also a little bit of me as a creator. There is advice on how do just about anything with art, including how to deal with galleries, creating bread & butter lines, blank canvas syndrome and much much more.

I am a practising artist with many years of experience both in a practical hands on and teaching aspect, having worked with many artists helping them learn business skills from an artists perspective.



  • Soccer or Football what do you call it?
    Old Ball range coming together with this second instalment. I felt these convex canvas's by Fredrix just screamed paint a ball on them......
    Posted: Sunday 26 December 2021
  • Behind the Mask we need to Smile more I think!
    An artwork about missing seeing smiles because.... click on the image to read more
    Posted: Tuesday 30 November 2021
  • It Started with a Kiss
    Part 1 of a larger artwork and a discussion on whats behind the mask.......
    This artwork is the last of a larger piece about whats behind the mask. As we navigate covid and having to cover our faces, I started to think about how important a smile is and not being able to see or show a smile easily makes things feel very strange and unfriendly. In responce I have created these paintings to add a smile to your day.
    Now why did I start with the last piece you ask? Well on Instagram the way its set up, what I post first will appear last once I show all the pieces so I'm gonig for a montage that will show the whole artwork as its supposed to look.
    So today we started with a kiss. The full sized artwork will be revealed at the end of the week
    Posted: Sunday 21 November 2021
  • NZ Artists Calendar 2021
    2021 sees Collette's art represented in the New Zealand Artists Calendar............
    Appearing in both the wall and desktop calendars, Collette is proud to announce having two images selected for the 2021 New Zealand Artists Calendar.

    'Not a Still life with Red Apples' appears in the wall calendar 'Tropical Fruit Salad' is in the desktop version.

    If you would like to purchase a calendar they are available through Whitcoulls, Paperplus and NZ Post shops throughout NZ and ovr 100 independent retailers.

    Wall Calendar from Whitcoulls

    Desktop calendar from Whitcoulls
    Posted: Monday 24 August 2020
  • Bras for the Cause, my new colouring book
    A colouring book featuring bras to highlight Breast Cancer awareness.Designed by Collette Fergus a New Zealand contemporary artist
    Posted: Sunday 14 April 2019
  • Freeing Children from Brick Kilns slavery in Pakistan
    I like to do a bit for charity where I can and this one where I can help Free Pakistani families from debt slavery on the image to read about the exhibition and how you can help too
    Posted: Sunday 17 June 2018
  • 100 Dresses Art Exhibition
    Its finally happening, Ive talked about it like..... forever! Check out the details below
    Posted: Friday 27 April 2018
  • One Size Fits All Exhibition & Competition 2018
    The One Size Fits All Show 2018 is all set to go, so get out your brushes, canvas, cameras etc etc and get on image for more information
    Posted: Friday 19 January 2018
  • The Painter is Back!
    What am I up to these days with the painting side of my life? Read on to find out....
    Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017
  • Caricatures, my little hobby on the side......
    Im having a play with caricatures its a fun way to get that little bit of creativity still happening in my life and this week Ive focused on Miley Cyrus, a colourful character at the best of times...........
    Posted: Monday 31 March 2014

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