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        reCOLLettetions is a blog about anything art related but also a little bit of me as a creator. There is advice on how do just about anything with art, including how to deal with galleries, creating bread & butter lines, blank canvas syndrome and much much more.

I am a practising artist with many years of experience both in a practical hands on and teaching aspect, having worked with many artists helping them learn business skills from an artists perspective.



  • Flags, what they stand for and such stuff
    Every now and then the debate comes up as to whether or not we should change our national flag here in New Zealand. A lot of people want to change it because it’s so similar to the Australian flag or they want to see something that shows what we stand for as a country on our own merits rather than having affiliation to the UK with the Union Jack as part of it. Please keep in mind these are necessarily my views I’m just speaking broadly of what I see and he
    Posted: Thursday 15 July 2010
  • Colouring in Books
    As a kid I loved to colour in, and would spend many hours doing so, always in competition with my big sis as to who could colour in neater, she usually.....
    Posted: Monday 12 July 2010
  • Rejection from Art Galleries, is it because your work sucks or what?
    Most artists presume they get rejected from a gallery because their artwork isn’t good enough, but it’s not always the case. Having worked in several art galleries over the years, I know that.....
    Posted: Wednesday 30 June 2010
  • Trends in painting styles and why you should aim to be different
    We have all seen it, the way some artists tend to paint similar things when they’re hot and the buying public are snapping them up. The ‘Rangitoto and toi toi’ paintings common on, or the .....
    Posted: Tuesday 29 June 2010
  • One Size Fits All, an exhibition for NZ artists
    One Size Fits All is a small paintings show for artists from all over new Zealand, primarily to get a huge amount of local artists together in one place and give the public a chance to view a snapshot of as many artists as possible in one viewing!
    The show has been running for.....
    Posted: Monday 28 June 2010
  • A cold day in hell, well not really….its Hamilton and I like it like that!
    What do you do on a cold winters day in Hamilton if you’re an artist? You catch up with friends and do a studio session with them, maybe have a few on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 27 June 2010
  • Poppies, tall poppies, painting poppies, ok just poppies then.......
    All species of poppies are attractive and most are cultivated as ornamental plants. A few species have other uses, principally as sources of drugs and foods. The opium poppy fir instance is so widely used, for on image for more
    Posted: Saturday 26 June 2010
  • Branding is important for artists
    Creating a brand for your art is important, its not just about creating a logo and having a marketing campaign either. Not only can a brand define ownership.....
    Posted: Thursday 24 June 2010
  • Something about nothing II - lets talk about weird colours just because we can!
    Arsenic is a colour believe it or not and there we were thinking it was just a poison, so today’s blog entry is about some of those colours that we wouldn’t normally have on our palette or we may have mixed by accident and never had any idea what they were called. Some of you will know as.....
    Posted: Wednesday 23 June 2010 , 1 Comments
  • Tips on photographing your artwork
    The painting today is a ‘red eye’ as in red eye deduction but that’s not one of my tips as we’re not working with people for this, it’s about ....
    Posted: Tuesday 22 June 2010

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