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  Looking for some fast & easy Art Advice? Let me help you with that. I have worked as an art tutor, arts marketing advisor and arts business coach as well as being a successful long term practicing artist.

        re-COLLette-tions is a blog about anything art related but its mainly advice on how do just about anything with art or your art practice, including how to deal with galleries, creating bread & butter lines, blank canvas syndrome and much much more.....and best of all its FREE

Please note I often link to resources in my blog posts that I believe are useful. These are NOT affiliate links. That means if you choose to purchase through my links, I DO NOT make any commission so you can trust I tell you these things because I genuinely think they are the best idea or option.

*Side Note 2022 - A lot of this blog was created during 'The Dot Project' where I posted something Art related every day, a lot of the posts are short posts. i have made it my mission to update each post with more indepth content so keep an eye out for more!



  • Fingernails and the art of painting them
    Long nails have always been a part of my life. I like many others see them as glamorous and lady-like especially when painted up beautifully. When I on image for more
    Posted: Wednesday 9 June 2010
  • The art of Cooking

    We have so many cooking programs on TV these days it’s become super competitive and the art of cooking has become so much more than it ever used to be.
    Top chef and celebrity chefs we have it all. Going to a restaurant means you get..........
    Posted: Tuesday 8 June 2010
  • Monarch Butterflies
    Monarchs often appear in my art work. I think they are the most beautiful butterflies you can ever see and I’ve seen.....
    Posted: Monday 7 June 2010
  • The Art of the Humble Button
    Buttons have always fascinated me, I remember as a child sifting through the mountain of buttons my mother had in her sewing desk, there on image for more
    Posted: Sunday 6 June 2010
  • Ill Paint you a Rainbow - a Poem by Grace E. Easley
    I came across this cute little poem about Rainbows, and thought I should share it with you.
    Rainbows have always held a fascination for artists, in fact anyone on image for more
    Posted: Friday 4 June 2010
  • What is special about Pencils? Dry Media in art.
    This week I was invited to attend a Dry Media presentation at Gordon Harris, our local art supply store. It was a full house with lots of artists wanting to know a bit more about our most basic of art tools, the humble pencil. And I can tell you there was.....
    Posted: Thursday 3 June 2010
  • My obsession with Cocktails
    Since the 1980s I have been infatuated with the flashy cocktail. It wasn’t about the alcohol content although it did appear to be sophisticated as an adults drink and the ‘mocktails’ given to us as kids was just.....
    Posted: Tuesday 1 June 2010
  • The art of tattooing
    A tattoo is a marking made by inserting dark, indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment mainly for decorative reasons. Tattooing has been practiced for....
    Posted: Thursday 27 May 2010
  • The Art of Pottery
    My favourite pottery is made by a local contemporary potter called Tammy Kuypers, her work is quite diverse and always unique in that it is so unusual you wont find anything else quite like it. Tammy’s work on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 25 May 2010
  • Eyesight & your Artwork
    One thing I fear as an artist is loosing my eyesight. I woke up today with terribly bloodshot eyes caused from a makeup allergy and although on image for more
    Posted: Monday 24 May 2010
  • Cake decorating another artform for those who can!
    Cake making and decorating is not my forte; in fact to be honest I’m only average at it! I would literally break into a cold sweat thinking about creating some master piece for my children’s birthdays as being an artist everyone expected......
    Posted: Saturday 22 May 2010
  • Cartoons, cartooning, caricatures and so on....
    The word cartoon has various meanings, based on several very different forms of visual art and illustration. The original meaning was in fine art, where cartoon meant a.....
    Posted: Friday 21 May 2010
  • I Paint what I see, a poem about Diego Rivera
    I Paint What I See
    "What do you paint when you paint a wall?" Said John D.'s grandson Nelson.
    "Do you paint just anything there at all?
    "Will on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 20 May 2010
  • Explaining Papier-mâché
    Most students have at some time made Papier-mâché at art class, it’s a staple art form for many schools and a nice in expensive way to make and teach sculpture.
    I recall my sister’s class once making masks which they got.....
    Posted: Wednesday 19 May 2010
  • Mosaics
    I must confess Im not a huge fan of mosaics although some artists who work in this medium do impress me. I myself probably wouldn’t ever try it, I don’t like stuff that gets all dirty and under my nails like grout or clay so it’s not on my.......
    Posted: Tuesday 18 May 2010
  • Whats in my art case?
    I need to clean out my mobile paint case as its getting really heavy and hard to close. Its one of those things that....
    Posted: Monday 17 May 2010
  • What about Op art, or optical illusion art as you probably know it as?
    Op art, also known as optical art, is a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions. Back in.....
    Posted: Sunday 16 May 2010
  • A Poem about Art
    I came across this poem about art and what it would be like to live life without it. I thought it was lovely and wanted to share it with you.......
    Posted: Saturday 15 May 2010
  • The colour Gold
    The most prized of colours or at least the metal Gold is anyway! Gold or golden as it is sometimes called, is on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 13 May 2010
  • Knitting, yes its an art too! A bit about Yarn Bombing and knitting
    I can’t knit, there I’ve said it! My Gran tried to teach me but she gave up after I created a........
    Posted: Wednesday 12 May 2010
  • Stencils in art, from screen-printing to graffiti
    A stencil is a template used to draw or paint identical things like letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, or patterns every time it is used. You may have also heard of it called pochoir the term used on image for more
    Posted: Tuesday 11 May 2010
  • A bit about Artist blogs
    Well I obviously know a bit about weblogs because I write one but I’m no expert For me this is a way to work on my fledgling writing skills as one day I ...
    Posted: Monday 10 May 2010
  • Post Exhibition Blues
    Got you there, Im fortunate enough to not suffer such things, as I like to look on the bright side of life as much as possible, it also helps to not have unrealistic expectations of.......
    Posted: Sunday 9 May 2010
  • The Art of Spiderwebs
    There’s something special about foggy frosty mornings, some people hate them but I myself, well I really like them a lot. The air of mystery and suspense that’s....
    Posted: Saturday 8 May 2010
  • Protecting your clothes from art stuff
    Back in the olden days artists had lovely big baggy smock type outfits to go with their berets, it was some sort of artist’s uniform but it was also for....
    Posted: Friday 7 May 2010
  • The colour Silver
    Silver is a metallic shade that resembles gray, the visual sensation usually associated with the metal silver is its metallic shine. This cannot on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 6 May 2010
  • Painting a straight line
    Years ago I did some training in ticket-writing; an art that is quickly disappearing due to computer generated signage that is quicker and tidier and can be reproduced in multiplies by the click of a button. Because of the repetitive nature of.....
    Posted: Wednesday 5 May 2010
  • Scratchboarding, what is it?
    I received an email recently advertising the materials for a technique called scratch-boarding. I had never heard of it before but was fascinated by the accompanying images and thought, hey I might.....
    Posted: Tuesday 4 May 2010
  • Decoupage another art technique
    Decoupage is the art of decorating objects, art or furniture by gluing coloured paper cut-outs onto them along with special paint effects, the addition of gold leaf and other mixed...
    Posted: Friday 30 April 2010
  • A bit about Coffee and Latte Art
    Coffee is a beverage that I adore; in fact you can almost guarantee that when I am writing these posts, I will have a on image for more
    Posted: Thursday 29 April 2010

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